Rajshree Cables

An 9001:2015 Certified Company

We strive to ensure this quality through extensive in-house and third-party testing, with strict adherence to our product specification and industry standards. At Rajshree, quality is a Culture. From designing the product-to-procuring best raw materials and controlling the quality of manufacturing –it is a Culture for us.

Rajshree Cables is insistent on giving our customers’quality in all aspects.

Company is engaged in designing and manufacturing Cables . The Company has manufacturing facilities in Chopanki,Rajasthan. The manufacturing facilities are spread over an area of 4000 sq meters. Rajshree Cables Limited is spearheading the industry while meeting expectations of clients

High Standards

We have been supplying our cables to railways. We are proud to have happy and satisfied customers throughout the world.

High Standards

We take pride in providing high quality standards of railway cables to all our customers. When it came to a question of Quality, Reliability & Commitment, Rajshree, has become the most recommended brand.

Safety First

Our Cables give highest standards in safety while in operation due to perfect design, manufacturing standards and quality control


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